Crocheted Wire Earrings Tutorial

crocheted wire earrings

You can make these!

These beautiful crocheted wire earrings are light to wear and easy to make.

You will need: fine craft wire in a colour of your choice. I used silver plated wire.
A crochet hook
2 earring wires
2 jump rings (optional)
Wire cutters (scissors will do but not your best pair :) )
8 or 10 8mm beads and a selection seed or smaller beads in a colour of your choice. If you want your earrings to be identical, you will need 2 of each type of 8mm bead. If being asymmetrical does not bother you, then why not make earrings that are slightly different?

1. Cut 3 pieces of wire, each measuring about 15cm. Twist the ends together a couple of times then slip on one of the 8mm beads. Thread the wires through a jump ring (or the loop on the earring wire if you are not using jump rings), bend down about 0.5 cm and twist to secure.

crocheted wire earrings

The wires are threaded through a bead and a jump ring then twisted together

2. Slip the bead over the twisted part so it is next to the jump ring.

crocheted wire earrings

The bead is hinding the twisted part of the wire

3. Using the handle end of the crochet hook, make a loop next to the bead in one of the strands of wire and twist it a couple of times. I have found that this is easier than trying to make a slipknot :)

crocheted wire earrings

The little loop has been twisted so it does not become undone

4. Now we’re ready to start crocheting! A word of warning first though: crocheting wire is not like crocheting wool. It sounds obvious but the lack of stretchiness took me by surprise.
Make a couple of chains, then slip a bead onto the wire. Push the bead up the wire until it is next to the crochet hook.

crocheted wire earrings

The bead is about to be crocheted into the first strand of wire.

5. Crochet one chain by taking the wire from the far side of the bead, so that when the chain is formed the bead is part of it, secure, not going anywhere or at all likely to fall off the wire.

crocheted wire earrings

The bead is crocheted in.

6. Continue to crochet chains, adding a bead each time. On the first strand, add an 8mm bead near the top, on the second, in the middle, and on the last strand, near the end. When you get near to the end of the wire, pull the end through the last chain, trim, and tuck any excess back up into the last bead.

crocheted wire earrings

First strand completed.

7. Repeat for the other two strands.

crocheted wire earrings

All three strands completed.

8. Gently plait the three strands together. If you have used a jump ring, attach it to the earring wire.

crocheted wire earrings

All finished except for the earring wire.

Repeat for the other earring, put them in and wait for the compliments!

Tips and Suggestions
As wire does not stretch, the loops in the chain need to be big enough. If they are not, wiggle the loop down the crochet hook to where it is wider then back up again.

If overworked, the wire will break, so be careful when twisting. It will take a bit but not too much. If it does break, you may be able to reattach beads using extra bits of wire.

If the strands are difficult to plait, try pulling them gently to stretch the chains a little bit.

The beads I used for the blue and purple pair and pink ones used in the tutorial I bought from Nice selection, reasonable prices and prompt delivery.

The blue and purple pair are for sale in my etsy shop: and I will have a kit version in there by the end of the week if you would like to make them but do not want to faff about finding beads and stuff. I can also do customised versions. Please email me at with your request and I will see what I can do!

Happy crafting! :)


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