Sewing Clothes Without a Pattern Bundle

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I hope you enjoy it. Sewing clothes without using a commercial pattern is lots of fun, but it can be difficult knowing where to start, so this ebook will hopefully help you with that.

You might also be interested to know that I am offering a Sewing Clothes Without a Pattern bundle to celebrate the relaunch of my ebook, Sewing Clothes Without a Pattern: 6 Easy Projects To Kickstart Your Handmade Wardrobe.sewing clothes without a pattern ebook cover

The bundle contains:

  • Sewing Clothes Without a Pattern: 6 Easy Projects To Kickstart Your Handmade Wardrobe, an ebook which takes you through 6 projects step by step that you can make without using a pattern.
  • A Guide Dressmaking Techniques, which covers techniques you need to know to make your own clothes, from zips to waistbands.
  • A Basic Guide to Drafting Pattern Pieces, whcih shows you how to draft pattern pieces from your own measurements.
  • A tip sheet for taking measurements, which a printable for recording your own measurements.
  • A 2 page tip sheet for sewing with knits.
  • A 2 page tip sheet for getting a good finish to you handmade clothes
  • A project planning printable
  • 2 printables for your sewing room/ area. One says “Sewing is my happy place” and the other one says “Any day spent sewing is a good day”.

Separately, these would cost around £20, but to celebrate the relaunch of Sewing Clothes Without a Pattern, the bundle is available for discount rate of £6. This will only be available for a limited time!

If you would like more info about Sewing Clothes Without a Pattern: 6 Easy Projects To Kickstart Your Handmade Wardrobe, you can find out more here.

You can buy the bundle here!

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