Klein Bottle Hat Crochet Pattern

Klein Bottle Hat Crochet Patternklein bottle hat crochet pattern

My second boy Aidan, who’s 9, loves maths.

He’s not just good at it, he actually loves it like a mathematician.

A couple of months ago on television he saw Matt Parker giving a talk at the Royal Institution about things in the fourth dimension.

One of the things that caught Aidan’s imagination was the Mobius loop. Mathematicians love the Mobius loop. It’s when you take a strip of paper, twist it, then stick the ends together. You might have seen Mobius loop scarves on Pinterest (they’re also known as infinity scarves).

A Klein bottle is the 3d version. According to Aidan, it’s actually a 3D shadow of a 4D shape (a bit like trying to draw a 3D shape so that it looks 3D but it’s flat because it’s a drawing). In 3 dimensions the Klein bottle has to intersect itself, but in 4 dimensions it doesn’t, because the extra dimension means that it can wrap around itself without intersecting.

During the talk, Matt Parker mentioned a Klein bottle hat he has that his mum knitted him. The pattern is on Ravelry. Aidan wanted me to make him one. This before I had discovered Norwegian knitting and I still thought I wasn’t a knitter. So a knitting pattern was no good to me. I needed a crochet pattern.Further investigation on Google and Pinterest led me to believe that there wasn’t one, so I made one myself!

You can find the crochet pattern for Aidan’s Klein bottle hat here on the Minerva Crafts Bloggers’ Network. I used this gorgeous King Cole Riot chunky yarn (affiliate link) in Cosmic and a 6 mm crochet hook. The hat is worked in trebles (double crochet in the US), so it grows nice and quickly!

Aidan is quite shy and doesn’t like having his photo taken. But he was so happy with his hat he actually let take me take some pictures of it on his head!klein bottle hat crochet patternklein bottle hat crochet pattern

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  1. Our middle son is a maths student at uni so I confess I texted him if he knew about Mobius loops and Klein bottles. The reply was short “yes of course, why haven’t you?” I was going to offer to make him a hat but he has a huge afro and doesn’t normally wear hats (they don’t fit) I’m trying to think of soemthing else I can make for him along the same lines, maybe a mobius loop scarf (or is that too ordinary?) Thanks for shairng at #HandmadeMonday
    Julie recently posted…Handmade Monday #13My Profile

    • I hadn’t heard of Klein bottles either until Aidan saw the thing on TV. A Mobius scarf would be a nice thing. Perhaps the Klein bottle hat would work as a mug cosy, or you could make him a big hat 🙂

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