Sewing Journal

Sewing Journal

Do you  dream of having everything all in one place?

All your ideas, pictures of everything you’ve ever made, a record of all your fabric and other bits and pieces. A place to jot down ideas. Somewhere to keep everything safe, so you don’t forget it or lose it and you can keep it all together.

Well now you can! This sewing journal is a pretty sewing notebook that you can use to keep all your sewing adventures in one place.

If you’ve downloaded the free printable for recording measurements, you’ll have already seen a little bit of what the sewing journal has to offer.

sewing journal

The printable pages allow you to keep track of sewing projects, both current and completed, lists of habby, fabric and patterns and reviews of patterns and tutorials you’ve used. There are also pages to record ideas for seasonal sewing and for planning future projects.

There are 26 different pages, all with a pretty vintage theme.

The pages include:

A cover which can be personalised.sewing journal
Pages to divide your notebook up into sections, including sewing projects, finished projects, sewing supplies and seasonal sewing.
Pages to record your measurements and those of other people who you sew for.
Pattern review and tutorial review pages so that you can keep a record of patterns and tutorials you’ve used and any changes you made to them.
Project planning with space to write down everything you need, the steps involved, inspiration and a sketch of how you want the finished item to look.
Projects at a glance, perfect if you like to have more than one project on the go!sewing journal
Finished projects with space for a picture of the finished item, as well boxes to write down fabric and habby you’ve used plus the pattern and tutorial and anything else you need to add.
An equipment list so you can record models and serial numbers for your equipment.
A patterns page to keep track of which patterns you have, with number, size and manufacturer.
A fabric collection page for recording what fabric you have, where you got it and how much of it you have. There’s also a spot for a swatch.
A haberdashery page for recording what habby you have.sewing journal
A wishlist page, very useful for when people want to know what you’d like for Christmas or your birthday and you can’t think of anything!
There are also pages for writing down ideas for seasonal sewing (there are pages for spring, summer, autumn, winter and Christmas), pages for general notes and squared paper pages.sewing journal


The files include an A4 version, an A5 version and a US letter size version, and you can print them out as many times as you like!

Here’s some suggestions for using your printable pages:

You could print them out and get them bound at a stationers.

You can buy a spiral binder punch (not cheap but less than you might think) and bind it yourself.

You could buy a pretty ring binder and keep them in there.

You could sew them together to make them into a notebook.

To buy the sewing journal and to find out more about it, it’s for sale here on Etsy.