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No tutorial this week! I thought instead I would share some of the things I have been working on lately. With Christmas now just a hazy memory, I have had some time to make some more stuff, plan for future makes and also tweak my blog and Etsy shop a little bit!

Although I have enjoyed crafting for most of my life, I have no formal training in this area and a lot of the things I make are the result of trial and error. The jewellery bag took several goes (see post below!) and so did the little purses.

Little purse featuring a peacock and embellished with sequins and beads

Making rectangular purses is easier but I prefer the shape of this one. I actually wanted to make one that would stand up but I need to experiment a bit more! I was pleased with the results though. The purse is made from a little piece of fabric from a bundle from the Happy Scraps ebay people and the lining is taken from one of my husband’s old shirts. I covered the ends of the zip and these double as the sides of the purse.


Mini heat pack with removable cover

Another idea I had was to make tiny heat packs that people could put in their pockets to warm their hands on a cold day, or to use on a small painful area. I wanted to embellish the peacock with beads and sequins in the same way as the purse, but I don’t know how beads and sequins react to a spell in the microwave. A removable cover was the answer. I had originally planned to fill the bag with wheat, but oddly enough whole grains of wheat are not that easy to come by. After a quick trawl of the good ol’ interweb, I learnt that rice works just as well and we had lots in the cupboard. Mixed with some lavender oil it smells nice, not just ricey.

Buggy board cushion being used

Venturing slightly away from the whole daintly little things with peacocks on them, I have also made a buggy board cushion. Boy 2 who is 4 (and also a little bit lazy!) had complained that the seat of his Litaf Seat2Go was uncomfortable so I made him a little cushion out of some fleece I had previously bought to make a cosytoes out of (the cosytoes got made but for some reason I bought twice as much as I actually needed so I still have quite a lot left!).

Cushion on the buggy board

Anyway, Boy 2 likes his cushion, so I’ve made another and put it in my Etsy shop. To be fair to Boy 2, bouncing around on the buggy board for 2 miles down bumpy country lanes would be enough to give anybody a sore botty.




Craft kit for the crocheted wire earrings tutorial featured in the previous post

The craft kit for the earrings tutorial is also now listed in my Etsy shop, along with another pair of sparkly crocheted wire earrings. The beads for the kit are mostly blue with a couple of white beads too. Craft kits make lovely presents for people and it means that anybody can make the earrings without having to faff about finding the beads and stuff. It’s all there! You only need a crochet hook and a little bit of patience :)


Fabric peacock

So, my projects for this week! I’ve been making this fabric peacock for a little while now. I’m wishing I’d embroidered it before I stuffed it as the stuffing keeps coming out with the thread, something which will need tidying up once I’ve finished, which will hopefully be this week!



Vintage curtain fabric

While I was having a sort out (an ongoing thing in my house, 5 messy people, a small house and too much stuff!) I unearthed some curtains that hung in the bedroom I shared with my sisters when I was a little girl. As the print is quite large I don’t think purses would work here, but bags might. Combined with some blue cotton fabric I think I could make something quite nice. I’ve never made bags before though, so watch this space!

I’ve also got some stuff coming from the internet. I love internet shopping, but if my goodies take too long to arrive I have to physically stop myself from mugging the postman. I’ve bought some peacock feathers so that I can make some improvements to this blog and to my Etsy shop. I’ve also ordered more stuff from Beadcrafty, as those lovely people gave me a couple of vouchers, so I have had the double joy of online shopping yet spending no money! Some beautiful heart shaped beads I bought from a bead shop in Ely are calling out to be turned into something and I also want to experiment with making some earrings that look like peacock feathers. There are lots of other things I want to make too, more bags, more heart garlands, craft kits, jewellery for myself as well as to sell…it even stops me from sleeping sometimes!!

Have a happy crafty week,

Anna xx

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