What is a Content Upgrade?

On Tea and a Sewing Machine, there are lots of sewing tutorials for projects as well as instructions for all kinds of different sewing techniques.

These are all freely available to everybody. Nobody has to pay or do anything extra to access these.

A lot of work goes into writing a tutorial. Many hours are spent planning, designing, making, photographing, writing, editing and publishing.

I’m happy to do them and I would write them even if nobody read them!

Sometimes I’ll have an extra thing in addition to the tutorial. Usually these will be pattern pieces or templates, which allows you to make what I have made without needing to make the pattern piece or template yourself.

Making these templates and pattern pieces also takes time, usually an extra hour or 2 on top of the tutorial. I draw them, adjust them, redraw them, scan them onto the computer, then draw them again using Adobe Fireworks. Then they are saved as a pdf file and uploaded.

Tea and a Sewing Machine is a business. It’s still a very small one, but I’m working on it! I am also a busy mum to 4 kids. I have a house to run, laundry, meals and I want to spend time with my family!

So these templates are also free, just as the tutorials are, but in the form of a content upgrade.

This simply means that you can have them, and I’m willing to give them to you, but I will need an email address in exchange for them.

I don’t send spam and I don’t pass anybody’s email addresses to anyone else. All I do is send you a newsletter once a week with sewing tips, updates and the occasional extra free thing.

If you don’t wish to receive these, you can unsubscribe at any time.