How to Make a Burlap Wreath

I always make a wreath for our door at Christmas, and after Christmas, once all the decorations have come down, my naked front door bothers me almost as much as the space left by the Christmas tree.

So last year I decided to adopt the American custom of always hanging a wreath on my door!

I could have just whipped out the spring wreath I made last year, but it is definitely not spring yet and I wanted to have a go at making a burlap wreath (I’ve seen lots of gorgeous ones on Pinterest!).

Here is my burlap wreath tutorial! It is very easy to make. It doesn’t require a special wreath form or a hot glue gun, just a wire coat hanger, some burlap ribbon, some other ribbon to make a bow and some wire. You could use florists’ wire. I used a couple of paper clips! The finished wreath measures about 23 cm across.burlap wreath

How to Make a Burlap Wreath

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You will need: a wire coat hanger (or some thick, plastic coated wire), 6 m burlap ribbon, 3 m of ribbon ( I used about 1.5 m of green chevron ribbon and about 1 m of the grey, which I bought here from Etsy), florists’ wire or 2 paper clips, a needle and thread.burlap wreath

1. Bend the coat hanger into a circle. burlap wreathUntwist the ends and remove the hook. You can either use wire cutters or just bend it back and forth until it snaps.

2. If your burlap ribbon has raw edges, you might want to finish them using an overlocking stitch on the sewing machine. This step is optional though! I have no problem with frayed edges usually, I just didn’t want bits coming off which result in having to sweep the path or hoover the kitchen again!burlap wreath

3. To attach the burlap to the coat hanger, I basically used the coat hanger like a giant needle and threaded it through the burlap as though I was doing a giant running stitch.

The stitches need to be about 10 cm long. To make this easier, I marked off 10 cm from the end of the hanger using a Sharpie.burlap wreath

The only thing that makes it not quite like running stitch is that I twisted the burlap before threading the wire through.

So: thread about 10 cm of burlap onto the hanger,burlap wreath

twist the burlap,burlap wreath

thread the wire through.burlap wreath

Push it down and round to the left side, then repeat until all the ribbon is on the coat hanger.burlap wreathburlap wreathIMG_2492

Twisting it gives it a more interesting look than just threading it straight on and pushing it round to the side means that your twists all go in the same direction.

4. Once the ribbon is all on the wire, you will need to join the ends of the coat hanger back together. I tried twisting the ends together but it was too hard. So instead I made 2 loops and linked them together. Don’t worry about this looking messy, you’ll be making a pretty bow to cover it up!burlap wreath

5. To make the bow, you will need to make 5 loops, 3 longer ones and 2 smaller. I cut 3 21 cm pieces of green chevron ribbon and 2 17 cm pieces of grey chevron ribbon.burlap wreath

6. Fold in half to find the middle. Overlap the ends so that they are in the middle. Using a needle and thread, sew a few stitches through the middle to hold it all in place. IMG_2503Repeat for all your bits of ribbon.burlap wreath

7. Arrange your loops so that the smaller ones are at the front and they are all spread out. Sew a few stitches through the middle to hold them.burlap wreath

8. Cut another piece of ribbon 9 cm long. Wrap this around your loops to hide the stitches and to make it look like a bow!burlap wreath

Sew the ends together at the back.burlap wreath

9. For the tails, I cut 2 pieces of green chevron ribbon 25 cm long and 2 of the grey 24 cm long. Sew them to the back of the bow. Cut the ends diagonally to prevent fraying.burlap wreath

10. Thread wire through the back of the bow and attach it to the wreath to hide the wire loops.burlap wreathburlap wreath

Hang it on your door and wait for people to admire it!burlap wreathYou can read about the other wreaths I have made here:

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