Welcome to the Sewing Clothes Without a Pattern Bundle!

To celebrate the relaunch of my ebook, Sewing Clothes Without a Pattern: 6 Easy Projects To Kickstart Your Handmade Wardrobe, for a limited time only, I’ve bundled it up with some other goodies. These goodies are packed with advice and information about making clothes without a pattern.sewing clothes without a pattern ebook cover

This ebook came about as a result of my own frustrations with using commercial patterns. I wondered whether it would be possible to make clothes for myself without using a pattern and I was happy discover that it was!

The ebook walks you through 6 projects that you can make without using a pattern. The first project is a circle skirt and this forms the basis for the other 5 projects.

On its own I would sell the ebook for £4. But for a limited time, for £6 the ebook is available as part of the sewing clothes without a pattern bundle.

In addition to the ebook Sewing Clothes Without a Pattern, the bundle contains:

  • A Guide Dressmaking Techniques ebook which covers techniques you need to know to make your own clothes, from zips to waistbands.
  • A Basic Guide to Drafting Pattern Pieces ebook which shows you how to draft pattern pieces from your own measurements.
  • A tip sheet for taking measurements, which a printable for recording your own measurements.
  • A 2 page tip sheet for sewing with knits.
  • A 2 page tip sheet for getting a good finish to you handmade clothes
  • A project planning printable
  • 2 printables for your sewing room/ area. One says “Sewing is my happy place” and the other one says “Any day spent sewing is a good day”.

Separately, these would cost around £20, but to celebrate the relaunch of Sewing Clothes Without a Pattern, the bundle is available for discount rate of £6. This will only be available for a limited time!

If you would like more info about Sewing Clothes Without a Pattern: 6 Easy Projects To Kickstart Your Handmade Wardrobe, you can find out more here.

You can buy the bundle here!