Learn How To Crochet Part 3: Trebles (US Double Crochet)

how to crochet trebles

This is the third in a series of posts for people who want to learn to crochet. If you haven’t already, before jumping in with trebles, you might want to take a look at the two previous posts.

How to Crochet Chains

How to Crochet Double Crochet (US SIngle Crochet)

Before you can learn how to crochet trebles, you will need to know how to crochet chains. If you don’t know how to crochet chains yet, you’ll need to learn to do that first!how to crochet trebles

How to Crochet Trebles

1. Crochet some chains. 10 – 15 will be enough for practising.how to crochet trebles

2. Put the yarn over the hook, then insert the hook into the 4th chain from the hook. how to crochet trebleshow to crochet treblesThese 3 chains will count as the first stitch, and you will need to work three chains at the end of every row, as the treble is a tall stitch.

3. Put the yarn over the hook again and pull it through. You will now have 3 loops on the hook.how to crochet trebleshow to crochet trebleshow to crochet trebles

4. Put the yarn over the hook once again and pull it through the two nearest loops on the hook. You will have 2 loops left on the hook.how to crochet trebleshow to crochet trebleshow to crochet trebles

5. Put the yarn over the hook once more and pull it through the two remaining loops. You have just made a treble!how to crochet trebleshow to crochet trebleshow to crochet trebles

6. Put the yarn over the hook and insert the hook into the next chain. Repeat from Step 3.

Keep going in this way until you reach the end of the row.how to crochet trebles

Then work 3 chains. These are your turning chains and will count as the first stitch.how to crochet trebles

Turn your work over. Put the yarn over the hook, miss out the chains and the first proper stitch, and insert the hook underneath the v of the next stitch. how to crochet trebleshow to crochet treblesPut the yarn over the hook again and pull it through.how to crochet trebleshow to crochet trebles

Then continue as you did with the previous row. Put the yarn over the hook again and pull it through the 2 nearest loops. how to crochet trebleshow to crochet treblesYarn over the hook once more and pull it through the last 2 remaining loops.how to crochet trebleshow to crochet trebles

how to crochet trebles

Tips To Help You Remember:

Putting the yarn over the hook is the first step in working the stitch. So remember to do this before you stick the crochet hook anywhere.

The first loop is the one that is already on the hook. The 2nd and 3rd are made by putting the yarn round the hook, firstly before putting the hook through the stitch, then again when you have pulled the yarn back through.

The loops are worked off the hook in 2 lots of 2.

Next time I’ll be showing you how to work half trebles!

Booster Gold Style Superhero Costume

booster gold style superhero costume outfit suit

Do you remember the part in Superman where Superman’s mum makes his superhero costume?

A couple of weeks ago I was Superman’s mum.

It was Children in Need Day and the boys were required to go to school dressed up as superheroes.

Typical of my boys, they wanted to go as superheroes that nobody has ever heard of. It’s just as well that Mummy likes to sew! So, just like Superman’s mum, I ran up some little superhero outfits.

Boy 1 wanted to go as Green Arrow. This wasn’t too challenging as it was just a jacket and I made a jacket recently for Boy 4, so I set about it in the same way.

Boy 3 wanted to go as Green Lantern. Husband found a picture that Boy 3 liked, thinking it would be easy to make. It had no sleeves, but it did have a collar and lapels! I have never before sewn lapels and my one attempt at sewing a collar did not go well. The jacket turned out ok but Boy 3 had an ear infection and he didn’t go to school.superhero share it sunday

Boy 2 wanted to go as Booster Gold (Who? Exactly!). I offered to make a top and a pair of trousers, thinking this would make it easier for him to go to the loo, but he wanted a onesie style of thing. He did have a slight problem when he needed the loo because he couldn’t get out of the suit, but what are big brothers for? superhero share it sunday

Here is the tutorial for making the Booster Gold style superhero costume. If you’ve never heard of Booster Gold either, it could be easily adapted for a different superhero. Just change the colours and the logo on the front.booster gold style superhero costume outfit suit

How to Make a Booster Gold Style Superhero Costume

If you don’t want to make your own pattern, you can buy the pattern I made here. It will fit a 7-8 year old. If you want to make a different superhero, just change the colours and applique a different logo to the front.

1. Google your chosen superhero and make a quick sketch of the suit. While you are doing this, start to think of it in terms as shapes and pieces that you will need to cut out, so keep it as simple as possible.diy booster gold superhero costume outfit suit

2. Starting with 1 section, sketch each pattern piece.diy booster gold superhero costume outfit suit

I started with the legs. Usually if I am making a pair of trousers, I have 4 leg pieces, a back and front piece for each leg. For the superhero suit, each leg needed a gold bit at the top and a blue bit lower down.diy booster gold superhero costume outfit suit

For the arms, each arm is usually one piece cut on the fold. So take a look at the sketch you made of the suit and draw the shape of the pieces, remembering that you can cut the pieces on the fold.diy booster gold superhero costume outfit suit

Next draw the pieces for the front and the back. Remember that your little superhero will need to be able to get in and out of the suit!diy booster gold superhero costume outfit suit

3. To make the pattern, the easiest thing to do is to start with something similar that they already have that fits them well. So in this case, a onesie or a dressing up suit that is in one piece.

Using this as a guide. draw pieces for legs, arms, back and front.

Then divide the pieces up according to the sketches you have made.

Now you can either cut them out as they are, or you can trace them onto greaseproof or pattern paper. If you choose to cut them out as they are, don’t forget to write on what each piece is and a reminder to add a seam allowance when you are cutting out the fabric. I also wrote on what colour fabric each piece needed to be because there were a lot of bits and I was getting onto a muddle!

If you trace it onto greaseproof paper first, you can add the seam allowance to the pattern.

If you don’t want to do this, you can buy the pattern here.

4. Cut out the pieces.

For the arms, you will need 2 of each piece, cut on the fold.

For the legs, you will need 4 of each piece. Cut out on a folded piece of fabric so that you only have to cut out twice and you have 2 bits that are the mirror of the other 2 bits.

For the front pieces, cut one of each, on the fold.

For the back, cut 2 of each on folded fabric so you only have to cut once.

Remember that for a suit that hangs well, the grain needs to be running up and down. An easy way to remember is that if you need it to stretch a bit, you usually need it to stretch sideways. I find this helps especially if I’m using up bits of fabric that don’t have the selvedge on.

5. Take one blue leg section and one gold leg section. Line them up to check that you have the right pieces and that they’re the right way round. Pin, then sew. Repeat 3 times so that you have 4 completed leg sections.diy booster gold superhero costume outfit suit

6. Take 2 of your completed leg sections and join the front seam. Repeat for the other 2 leg pieces.diy booster gold superhero costume outfit suit

7. Join the top front section to the lower front section.diy booster gold superhero costume outfit suit

8. Applique the star to the centre of the front. I used some fusible interfacing on the star to make it thicker. booster gold superhero costume outfit suitYou might need to add interfacing to the back of the front section too depending on the fabric. I found the gold to be quite thick and I also didn’t want to risk melting it with the iron, so I didn’t bother!booster gold superhero costume outfit suit


9. Take the back pieces and join one of the gold pieces to the one of the blue pieces, checking that everything is going the right way. Hem the centre edge. diy booster gold superhero costume outfit suitRepeat for the other back pieces.diy booster gold superhero costume outfit suit

10. Join the front of the suit to one of the trouser sections completed in step 5. It should be starting to look like a superhero suit!

Don’t worry if it looks huge at this stage, that’s ok. Boy 2’s suit looked enormous but it was fine when it was finished. Kids usually wear superhero costumes over their normal clothes so they need to be slightly larger and if it’s still a bit big, well, I call that growing room.

11. Pin, then sew the back pieces to the back leg section. You have now completed the front and the back!

12. Join the shoulder seams, then put it to one side while you make the sleeves.

13. To make the sleeves, start with the piece that goes at he wrist and the piece that goes next to it. This is where you’ll be thankful that you labelled all the pattern pieces! Pin, then sew these pieces together.diy booster gold superhero costume outfit suit

14. Sew on the next blue piece, then the gold piece that sits on the shoulder.diy booster gold superhero costume outfit suit

15. Pin the arm section to the arm hole. I usually find the middle of the arm section and pin that where the should seam is, then work outwards.diy booster gold superhero costume outfit suit

Repeat for the other arm.

16. Almost there! With the wrong sides together, pin one side of the suit. I usually start at the armpit to make sure that the seams are matching there, then pin down one side, then pin the arm. Sew it together. I go about it in the same way, starting at the armpit. Repeat for the other side.

17. Get your little superhero to try the suit on. Pin the hems at the wrists and at the ankles, then sew.

18. At this point, the suit is almost wearable. The only thing left is the neckline. You could either finish this with bias binding, or if you have time, you could make a hood.

19. Using the hood of a jumper or a jacket as a guide, draft the hood pieces. Don’t forget the seam allowance! For a more fitted superhero kind of look, you will need to make a side piece and a gusset. Cut them out and sew the side pieces to the gusset.

20. Get your child to try the hood on. If it needs elastic at the front, sew casing. Otherwise just hem it. You could even leave it if you are in a rush and you think it won’t fray.

21. On the wrong side, pin the top of the two back pieces together. With the right sides together, pin the hood to the suit. I start at the middle and work outwards. Sew the hood to the suit.

This means that the back won’t open fully, but your little person should still be able to get in and out of it.

22. Trim off all the threads, check that all the pins have been removed and it’s ready to wear!superhero share it sundaysuperhero share it sundaybooster gold superhero costume outfit suit


A Crafty Person’s Gift Guide

Here is a crafty person’s gift guide! Perhaps you are wondering what to give the crafty person in your life, or maybe you are that crafty person and people keep asking you what you want for Christmas and you have no idea. Here is a list of 18 suggestions.

They will mostly suit people who sew and/ or knit or crochet, but some of the suggestions are good for people who enjoy other crafts too.

This post contains affiliate links.crafty person's gift guide knitting sewing crochet

A Tailor’s Dummy or Dress Form. Having one of these can make things much easier, especially for somebody who likes to make clothes without using a commercial pattern. Even for people who do, pinning a hem is very difficult to do on yourself. Being able to hang it off a dress form means you don’t have to rely on your husband to help you and then end up with a wonky hem.

The adjustable kind are best but they are pricey.


The non adjustable kind are cheaper.

1. Decent Scissors are a necessity for cutting fabric. These are the ones I use and they cut through fabric like a hot knife through butter.

Having a good pair of sharp scissors for trimming threads (and yarn) also makes making easier. There are sets available with one pair of large scissors and a smaller pair.

There are others that are cheaper, but the Fiskars scissors are good ones.

2. Glass Headed Pins. Cheap pins are a nightmare, resulting in snagged fabric, pulled threads and holes that won’t go away. Pins with bobbles on the ends are easier to use, but plastic bobbles melt if you accidently iron them! I’ve lost count of the number of times I have done this. Glass headed pins are easy to use, easy to spot and don’t melt.

3. A Pin Cushion. Having recently read a scary article about somebody who had to have major surgery after she accidently inhaled a pin, a pin cushion is a much better option than putting pins in your mouth, It’s also the kind of thing that it doesn’t matter if you have a few of these. Here is a magnetic pin cushion so you don’t lose them off the table while you’re making stuff.

This handy one can be worn on the wrist


4. A Sewing Set. Husband bought me one like this from either Aldi or Lidl (I get them mixed up!).

The great thing about this is that the stuff in it is useful, even if somebody already has some of it. Sewing machine needles break, pins and safety pins get lost, and you can never have too many seam rippers!

5. Dressmaking The Complete Step By Step Guide.

This is one of my favourite craft books and you can read my review of it here. It is a mine of useful information whether you sew using patterns or if you want to try making stuff without.

6. Gertie’s Sewing Books. These are great books for anybody who likes stuff from the 40s and 50s. I have Gertie Sews Vintage Casual, and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. Also Gertie looks like she actually eats (ie like a normal person, not a skinny model!) which means that stuff is more likely to fit because it has been designed with normal bodies in mind


7. A Bundle of Kona Solids. Not just for quilters! Solid colours are useful for lots of projects and the Kona ones are good quality fabric, so equally fine for clothes or bags. These bundles (and several others) can be found on Plush Addict.FQ Bundle Cottons: Kona Solids "Rainbow Bright", 7 FabricsFQ Bundle Cottons: Kona Solids "Oh Boy", 10 Fabrics

8. Nice Crochet Hooks. I have these brightly coloured ones.

Otherwise these ones with ergonomic handles would make a nice gift.

Or These bamboo ones that come in a fabric case


9. Hand Dyed Yarn. Obviously this is going to cost more than your average ball of yarn, but so beautiful! What knitter or crocheter wouldn’t love these? I found these on Etsy, in a shop called Spinning Streak.

Hand painted yarn 50g blue turquoise green by SpinningStreakHand painted yarn, soft merino wool, lace weight greens pink 100gGrab bag assorted yarn 50g pink, burgundy, cream GBR11

10. Crochet/ Knitting Accessories Set. Useful, and as with the sewing bits set, stuff that either gets used up or lost. There are cheaper sets than this, but the reviews were not so good.

11. Happy Hands Hand Cream. Dry hands are a nightmare when you are crocheting or knitting and the yarn keeps snagging on dry skin. Lots of ordinary moisturisers leave your skin greasy, but no one wants greasy stuff all over their work! Happy Hands hand cream leaves your hands soft without making them sticky or greasy. You can visit their shop here.

12. Handmade By/ Handmade With Love Ribbon. An inexpensive gift for somebody who makes things to sell or things to give to other people.

13. A Bag For Unfinished Projects. I could do with about 8 of these! Some have more pockets and places for storing hooks or needles. Others are more like large bags for storing works in progress. Some have co-ordinating accessories as well


14. Pretty Boxes or Tins. Lots of crafty people are naturally messy, but it can make it difficult to find stuff. If somebody has out of control craft supplies, some pretty storage might be just what they need! Even if they don’t, they’ll probably be able to put a pretty tin or 2 to good use.

15. Gift Vouchers For Their Favourite Craft Shop. My favourites are Plush Addict and Fabric Rehab, both of which sell gift vouchers.

16. A Craft Kit. Craft kits make great gifts for beginners and more experienced crafters alike. You can take a look at my craft kits for sale here.

17. A Kit For a New Craft. Sometimes it’s fun to try a new craft. Felting is good one try as the wool rovings are lovely to work with and it’s easy to get good results.

Another craft that’s good to try is making lampshades and kits can be bought for these.

18. A Crafty ECourse. This is a nice option if somebody already has a lot of stuff and you don’t want to add to it! For somebody who is a beginner crocheter, the might like my ecourse that starts in January, The Ultimate Guide to Crochet Stitches. You can find out more here!ultimate guide to crochet stitches

I hope that’s given you some ideas, whether for things to buy for other people of stuff for people to get for yourself. If you are related to me and reading this, 3, 7, 8, 9, 11 or 15 please ;).

Learn How To Crochet Part 2: Double Crochet (US Single Crochet)

crochet for beginners how to do double crochet

This is the second in a series of posts for people who are new to crocheting.

If you you are a total beginner, you might like to have a look at this post here about crocheting chain stitch. You need to know how to do that first!

If you know how to crochet chains and you want to learn how to do a double crochet, then you are in the right place!

This however is where it gets slightly confusing. Double crochet to British people is what Americans call single crochet. I am English so I will be using English terms. So if you are American and you’re reading this, I mean single crochet.Ok?crochet for beginners how to do double crochet

How To Do Double Crochet

1. Make some chains. For practising, 10 – 15 chains should be enough.crochet for beginners how to do double crochet

2. Insert the hook into the 3rd chain from the hook. The chains that you have missed out will count as the first stitch.crochet for beginners how to do double crochet3. Put the yarn round the hook and pull it through. You should have 2 loops on the hook.crochet for beginners how to do double crochetcrochet for beginners how to do double crochetcrochet for beginners how to do double crochet

4. Wrap the yarn round the hook again. You will now have 3 loops on the hook.crochet for beginners how to do double crochet

5. Pull the last loop (ie the one closest to the hook) through the other 2 loops.

You have just done 1 double crochet!

6. Put the hook into the next chain and repeat steps 3 – 5. Keep going until you run out of chains.

7. To start the next row of double crochets, make 1 chain. This is the turning chain that allows you to turn your work around and start again at this end. It will also count as the first stitch.

8. Insert the hook into the 2nd stitch from the hook. It needs to be underneath both bits of the v.crochet for beginners how to do double crochet

So you are missing out the chain that you just made and the last double crochet of the previous row. All your rows will need to start in this way.

9. Put the yarn over the hook and pull it through, then yarn over the hook again and pull it through both the loops. So you are just repeating steps 3 – 5 but inserting the hook through the v of the stitches of the previous row instead of chains.crochet for beginners how to do double crochetcrochet for beginners how to do double crochetcrochet for beginners how to do double crochetcrochet for beginners how to do double crochetcrochet for beginners how to do double crochet

That’s the stitch completed!

For the next stitch, put the hook through the next v and work the stitch in the same way as the previous ones.

This is 2 rows of double crochet…

crochet for beginners how to do double crochet

And 3 rows.crochet for beginners how to do double crochet

Superheroes And Share It Sunday

I’m very excited to be cohosting Share it Sunday linky party!

I’ve had a busy old week. This week in our house there have been:

  • 2 birthdays
  • 2 birthday cakes
  • 1 party (they had a joint one)
  • 1 little boy off school with a cold that turned into an ear infection
  • 2 trips to the doctors’
  • 1 flu vaccination with ensuing snotty nose and cold symptoms

And on the crafting front

  • 3 superhero costumes
  • 1 last minute Lloyd Garmadon from Lego Ninjago costume.

Friday was Children in Need, which for anybody not in the UK is a day when people raise money to help children in need. As a way as being involved, children go to school dressed up as superheroes and take a £1 donation.

My kids have several superhero outfits but, needless to say, they did not want to wear those. Instead, they decided that they would rather dress up as superheroes that nobody has ever heard of. So this week I have felt like Superman’s mum.

Boy 1 wanted to be Green Arrow. His outfit was fairly easy because it was just a jacket. superhero share it sundayBoy 3 wanted to be Green Lantern. The shiny green trousers were part the Lloyd Garmadon last minute outfit, but he decided that he would wear the Green Lantern jacket as well because he missed school on Friday due to his ear infection.superhero share it sunday

Boy 2 wanted to be Booster Gold (Who? Exactly!). He insisted that I made it as a onesie, then had difficulties going to the loo and Boy 1 had to help him out of it.superhero share it sundaysuperhero share it sunday

I’ll be posting the tutorial over the next week or so, but not today because today I am co-hosting Share it Sunday linky party. Hurrah!

SHARE IT 37 + feature: How to Make a Dried Fruit Wreath
Hello all and welcome to the blog party today, and thank you for your contributions in the past. How has your week been? Are you ready for Thanksgiving yet? In the UK, Thanksgiving is not omnipresent. It’s seen more as an ‘American-thing’. Nonetheless, I have celebrated Thanksgiving for decades now, and that’s not going to go away. I love the notion of the cowboys with the indians sitting and munching together, celebrating the abundance of the harvest. Where are you at? Ordered the turkey and thought about the dinner decorations for this year yet? Are you in the holiday spirit yet? Mmm… Rather than waiting two weeks, let’s celebrate today and have a party, a linky party, and share what we’ve all been up to. I love visiting all of you and sprinkling some kind messages of appreciation whenever I have time and, of course, to pin my favorites…

How to Participate, Get Featured Next Week and Get Free Advertising & Promotion

As you know, we have adopted the party etiquette of The Creative Muster which is loaded of giveaways and freebies for you, but also asks you to be a more active participant.


SHARE IT – Linky Party Etiquette

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Party Host

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Party Co-host

How to make a wreath dried fruits by Anna from Tea and a Sewing Machine, featured at FineCraftGuild.com

This week’s linky party winner is Anna from Tea and a Sewing Machine. Please follow her too. You’ll find her social media buttons on her blog, as well as the party feature…


This Week’s Party Feature

Anna shared her beautiful and unique dried fruit wreath, as well has her techniques and illustrated instructions on how to make your own dried fruits in a separate article. I love how she chose to alternating lines & ball -shapes for her wreath. I think it looks fantastic and it makes total sense to make it now, so that you can enjoy it for Thanksgiving as well as the period leading up to Christmas.

Dried fruit wreath DIY - by Anna from Tea and a Sewing Machine, Featured at FineCraftGuild.com
Here’s the Howto.

How to Make a Wreath with Dried Fruits

Dried fruit wreath DIY - by Anna from Tea and a Sewing Machine, Featured at FineCraftGuild.com

There are really two steps to this: how to make your own fruit, and how to make a wreath. They are in separate articles on Anna’s site and be sure to view both.

The best aspect of making your own dried fruit wreath has to be the delicious smell in your home while from drying the fruit in your oven. According to Anna, the fruit has to be in the oven for a day. So that day (I’d pick .. Saturday) your home will have that amazing citrus smell. That has to be aromatherapy at its finest: the smell of orange lifts everyone’s mood and energy level. Perfect for my home for the weekend, when we are all tired from a very busy week.

Are you ready to make your home a cheerier place this holiday season? Then this is the wreath you should make.

See more photos and get the how-to.

SHARE IT 37 – linky party

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Thank you again for partying with us!! I appreciate you sharing your wonderful ideas. The party isn’t the same without you.


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