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Stem Stitch: Hand Embroidery

Stem Stitch: Hand Embroidery

Stem Stitch: Hand Embroidery Stem stitch is a useful embroidery stitch to know if you need to embroider lines as part of your design. Obviously it’s great for stems, but it can be used in other ways to! It offers an alternative to back stitch and running stitch, and is a slimmer option than chain […]

How to Sew a Pouch With a Zip

How to Sew a Pouch With a Zip

How to Sew a Pouch With a Zip For this tutorial showing how to sew a pouch with a zip, I wanted to combine 2 things. The first thing was that I wanted to make something pretty out of the daisies that I’ve been embroidering. The second thing was that I wanted to try out […]

Klein Bottle Hat Crochet Pattern

Klein Bottle Hat Crochet Pattern

Klein Bottle Hat Crochet Pattern My second boy Aidan, who’s 9, loves maths. He’s not just good at it, he actually loves it like a mathematician. A couple of months ago on television he saw Matt Parker giving a talk at the Royal Institution about things in the fourth dimension. One of the things that […]

What Else?

As well as all the sewing stuff on Tea and a Sewing Machine, there are tutorials for other crafts too. There are some crochet tutorials, also jewellery, wet felting and wreaths. There’s even a whole section devoted to Christmas!

You might also like to delve into the archives of the blog section. All the posts end up here, but some of them don’t fit into any of the another categories. You might find some things to enjoy reading that you won’t find anywhere else on Tea and a Sewing Machine!

If you like my tutorials, you might like to take a look at my Etsy shop. I have a number of patterns and craft kits for sale there, all aimed at being affordable for people on a budget and being added to all the time.

What’s This About an Ebook?

I’ve written an ebook about making clothes without a pattern. This is something I like to do myself and I want to encourage other people to try it too! You can find out more here.

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