How to Make a Burlap Fabric Bowl

A Burlap Fabric Bowl Tutorial

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a tutorial showing how to make a burlap picnic mat.

Sometimes if you are eating outside, you need more than just a mat to eat off. You need bowls and things too!

Taking enough food to feed 6 hungry people already means a big bag of heavy stuff. You don’t want to add to that by taking of plastic bowls if you can avoid it. And certainly in our case, if we are going more than a few minutes down the road in the car, there’s a good chance that at least one of the bowls will end up being used to catch vomit. Obviously this renders it unusuable for picnic purposes!

So here’s a tutorial for making a fabric bowl from burlap! This way, you can have a bowl for bread, fruit, crisps, whatever, without it weighing the bag down more or taking up a lot of space. And the plastic bowl can live in the car ;).how to make a burlap fabric bowl

How to Make a Burlap Fabric Bowl

You Will Need

Burlap, cotton fabric, sew in interfacing (fusible will do if you don’t have the sew in sort), paper, pencil, ruler, bowl or cup, usual sewing supplies.

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Budget Hessian Rough Sacking Fabric
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Heavy Weight Sew On Budget Interfacing
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Klona Cotton Quilting Fabric
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Making the Template

If you’d rather not make the template yourself, you can download one for free here.

Take a small bowl or a cup and draw round it. Divide it into 6. This will be the size of the bottom of the burlap fabric bowl. how to make a burlap fabric bowlPick one of the segments and continue the sides from the outside of the circle at a tighter angle. You will end up with a pit of a pointy bit, instead of a straight line that continues. Join them together along the top. how to make a burlap fabric bowlCut it out. Fold it in half to check that it is even. If not, trim it down a to make a burlap fabric bowl

If you don’t want to make your own template, you can download one for free here.

Cutting Out

Remembering to add a seam allowance to your template, cut 6 each from the burlap, the cotton fabric and the interfacing (the interfacing will not need a seam allowance at the top).how to make a burlap fabric bowl

Sewing it Together

  1. Take 2 of the cotton pieces and sew them together along one of the sides, from the top to the to make a burlap fabric bowl
  2. Sew another cotton piece on in the same to make a burlap fabric bowl
  3. Repeat for the other 3 cotton pieces so that you have 2 halves of the lining of the to make a burlap fabric bowl
  4. Sew the 2 halves to make a burlap fabric bowl
  5. Repeat for the burlap and the interfacing. If you find that the burlap is fraying badly (it usually does!) try using a zigzag or a stitch for sewing to make a burlap fabric bowl
  6. Pop the cotton bowl inside the interfacing bowl so that the seams are together. Fold the top edge of the cotton bowl over the top of the interfacing bowl. Pin it on the cotton to make a burlap fabric bowl
  7. Put the cotton/interfacing bowl inside the burlap bowl. You might find it helpful to pin it at the bottom so that it stays put! Matching the seams as far as possible, pin the sides to make a burlap fabric bowl
  8. Top stitch around the inside to sew the lining to the to make a burlap fabric bowl
  9. Pull some of the fibres from the top edge of the burlap. This kind of controlled fraying will stop it fraying more!how to make a burlap fabric bowlhow to make a burlap fabric bowlhow to make a burlap fabric bowl

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28 comments on “How to Make a Burlap Fabric Bowl

  1. What a beautiful idea. I love the idea of sets of these bowls filled with apples, leaves and pinecones in autumn, or to hold the wool for my latest knitting project, or to fill with little foil wrapped eggs at Easter.

    I always think that it is handcrafted touches like your bowls which really make a house a home.
    Mimi from Brocante Home recently posted…Housekeeper’s DiaryMy Profile

  2. This is such a lovely craft project. And a very original one at that. I rarely see bowls made out of fabric but this one is holding its’ own. Anna, I hope that you can join us over at Sweet Inspiration and add your beautiful bowl to our link party. It runs Friday till Tuesday.
    Mary-the boondocks blog recently posted…Sweet Inspiration Link Party #5My Profile

  3. What a beautiful little bowl! I’ve made a small basket once out of fabric, but to use burlap is a great idea! And I like the bowl shape! So pretty! Thank you so much for sharing at Sweet Inspiration #5!

  4. Love this!! The burlap gives it such a rustic touch. Thank you so much for sharing at my craft party on Thursday! Would love to see your newest posts this week, which starts at 7pm EST.

  5. I’m going to make one for all the cat toys that collect on the floor! And I have leftover burlap that has gold flecks in it, so it will be extra pretty! Thanks.

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