How to Make a Kindle Pillow

One of the things I love about my kindle is how I am no longer put off reading books because of their size. Some books at  just to heavy to read in bed! Reading them on the kindle means that even an encyclopedia only weighs as much as a small paperback.

kindle pillowSometimes though I don’t want to hold it at all and, having  broken one by standing on it, I decided I needed a kindle pillow.

Here’s how to make one! And if you would like to print out a text only pdf version, you can here! Kindle Pillow

How to Make a Kindle Pillow

You Will Need: 1 fq cotton fabric, 1.5 kg rice, lentils or barley(or you could use bean bag beads), pins, sewing machine or needle and thread.

A 1 cm seam allowance is included in the pillow

1. From cotton fabric, cut 2 rectangles measuring 23 cm x 25 cm.

2. With the right sides together, sew around the sides and the top, leaving the bottom pillow

3. Square off one of the corners by squashing it flat so that the top seam and the side seam are together. Measure 5 cm up the seam and pin. kindle pillowSew across the corner. kindle pillowTrim the corner seam and turn pillow

4. Fill with rice or lentils, leaving about 8 cm free at the pillow

5. Pin the open end 6 cm away from the raw edge. The edges need to be level with each other and the side seams need to be in the middle of the top and pillow

You might like to sew a row of tacking stitches behind the pins to contain the rice. I didn’t bother but it might make things easier!

6. Sew a row of stitches just in front of the pins. Then sew a second line of stitches 0.5 cm – 1 cm away from the first line but nearer to the raw pillow

7. Fill the section between the stitches and the raw edges with rice. This can be tricky. A paper funnel will help here.

8. Turn the raw edges inside and top pillow

I like my kindle pillow much I’ve made a smaller one for my phone! This is even more  useful as I can read it without the screen swinging round to the other orientation.

To make a pillow for a phone, cut 2 pieces of cotton fabric 20 cm x 21 cm. When squaring off the corner, measure 4 cm up the pillow phone pillowkindle pillow phone pillow

You can download a pdf version of this tutorial here! Kindle Pillow

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22 comments on “How to Make a Kindle Pillow

  1. I’m trying to make this and what a nightmare. I literally have rice everywhere. I can’t work out how you fit it under the sewing machine full of rice. It’s a fab idea and I’d love one but this is not working for me

  2. I think the rectangles should be sewn right sides together not wrong sides as stated.I thought it strange but made it anyway.Mine is now made but material is wrong side out ! 🙁

  3. Warning: printf(): Too few arguments in /home/awilson/public_html/wp-content/themes/crescent-theme/inc/template-tags.php on line 87

    When you say ‘trim the corner’ do you mean trim right to the seam that you have sewn right across? Thanks.

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