Reindeer Christmas Cushion Tutorial

Reindeer Christmas Cushion Tutorial

Changing the cushion covers is an easy way to mark the changing seasons at home, and Christmas is no exception.

Pretty cushions made in some snuggly fabric cry out for cosy times indoors, the best way to enjoy winter!

There’s no need to buy new cushion pads (unless you really want to). All you have to do is slip new covers onto your existing cushions, then, once Christmas is over, put them away with your Christmas decorations until next year.

This reindeer Christmas cushion tutorial shows how to make a cushion with an envelope back. This is my favourite way to make cushions as it is easy and doesn’t require any fiddling around with zips or buttonholes.

I used fleece because I wanted to use a fabric with a warm and snuggly texture. I actually used the wrong side as the right side because I liked its woolliness.

I’ve got another Christmas cushion tutorial planned for next week too, so watch this space!diy reindeer christmas cushion tutorial

How to Make a Christmas Reindeer Cushion

You Will Need

Half a metre of fabric (I used fleece. This is an affiliate link), a reindeer template (you can save yourself time trawling the internet and download my Christmas templates, including the reindeer one I used, here!), usual sewing supplies.

Bear in mind that if you are making the reindeer from cotton or another fabric that frays, you will need to back the fabric with fusible interfacing first.

The measurements here assume that you have a standard 45ish cm cushion pad that’s probably gone a bit saggy, as this is what I made mine for! A 1 cm seam allowance is included in the measurements.

Cutting Out

From the white fleece, cut 1 reindeer.
From grey fleece, cut 1 piece 42 cm x 42 cm, and 2 pieces 42 cm x 30 cm.

Sewing Up

1. Pin the reindeer to the centre of the square piece of fleece, on the right reindeer christmas cushion tutorial

2. Applique the reindeer to the fleece square. The best way to do this with fleece is to use a straight stitch and sew close to the edge of the reindeer. It’s generally recommended that you use a ball point needle (affiliate link) when sewing fleece, although I used a universal one and it was reindeer christmas cushion tutorial

3. Take one of the smaller fleece pieces and hem along the long edge. As fleece doesn’t fray, it’s fine just to fold it up once. Repeat for the other reindeer christmas cushion tutorialdiy reindeer christmas cushion tutorial

4. With the right sides together, place the top back piece on top of the front section, so that the hemmed edge is in the middle and the top edges are aligned. diy reindeer christmas cushion tutorialRepeat for the bottom back section. diy reindeer christmas cushion tutorialPin them in place.

5. Sew all around the edge of the cushiondiy reindeer christmas cushion tutorial

6. Trim the seams and threads. Cut across the corners. Turn the right way out and stuff your cushion pad reindeer christmas cushion tutorialdiy reindeer christmas cushion tutorial finished cushion 1diy reindeer christmas cushion tutorialdiy reindeer christmas cushion tutorial

Tips and Suggestions

If you’re struggling to sew the fleece, try using a ball point needle.

If you are using cotton or another fabric that frays, you’ll need to use fusible interfacing on the reindeer.

Other fabrics you could use include felt (for the applique), velvet, thick cotton jersey or faux fur.

If you feel that your cushion is a little plain, you could add some ribbon or other trim.

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diy reindeer christmas cushion tutorial

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