How to Crochet Fringed Edging

How to Crochet Fringed Edging

How to Crochet Fringed Edging is the last in a little series of posts I’ve been writing about pretty edgings you can crochet.

Most of them are very easy. They can be used to give a pretty detail to bags, purses, hair bands, blankets, throws and shawls. The can be also added to non crocheted things like towels and napkins.

If you missed the previous tutorials, then can be found here:

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If you would like a free printable of instructions for crocheting all 4 of these edgings, plus 2 extra ones, the link is at the bottom of the post!

Fringed edging is also very easy. Of course, you could make a fringe in the usual way, but it’s nice to have a choice and to be able to do things differently sometimes.

Please be warned that I am using British crocheting terms!how to crochet fringed edging

Instructions for Crocheting Fringed Edging

This is very easy to do. All you have to do is make lots of chains joined to the edge you are working on with double crochet.

It will turn out a little bit neater if you start with an odd number of sttiches. It doesn’t make that much of a difference though, so don’t worry if you don’t.

1. 1 ch, miss one stitch, double crochet into the next to crochet fringed edging

2. Make 25 to crochet fringed edging

3. Dc into the next to crochet fringed edging

4. 25 ch to crochet fringed edging

5. Dc into the next to crochet fringed edging

Keep going until you reach the end of the row. That really is all there is to it!how to crochet fringed edging

It’s also possible to crochet a fringed edging using 2 colours.

1. In the original colour, 1 ch, miss one stitch, dc into next stitch.

2. 25 ch

3. Miss 1 stitch, dc into next stitch

4. 25 ch

5. Miss 1 stitch, dc into next stitch.

Keep going like this until you reach the end of the row.

Then with your 2nd colour:

6. Join yarn at the first free dc. It will be between the 2 ends of the first fringe loop you made.

7. 25 ch

8. dc into next free stitch. So you will miss out 1 stitch (it will already have been worked!).

Keep going to the end of the to crochet fringed edginghow to crochet fringed edging

To get your free printable of this and 5 other crocheted edgings, the link is here.

Happy Crocheting! xx


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    • Hi Diane, I used double knit and a 3.5 mm hook. To do the base I did a row of chains, then a couple of rows of double crochet. If you need more help, let me know.

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