How to Crochet a Flower Garland

I have been crocheting a lot of flowers recently, partly because I like them and partly because I wanted to crochet a flower garland. I like winter but I’m a bit bored of it now. It takes too long to get myself and the boys bundled into coats and hats and stuff whenever we need to go out and bus stops are chilly places. I spend a lot of time waiting at bus stops.

So here is a spring garland to tide us over until the real thing arrives hopefully in a couple of weeks!

To make the garland, I used 14 crocheted flowers and 12 leaves. With one exception, all the flowers and the leaves I have posted about previously and the tutorials for them are here:

Crocheted Flower Hair Bobble (I just used the flower and not the elastic, obviously!)crocheted flower

Crocheted Flower with Pointed Petalscrocheted flower

Crocheted Flower with Lace Petalscrocheted flower

Crocheted Flower with Contrasting Centrecrocheted flower

Crocheted Leavescrocheted leaf

If you prefer, text only pdf versions can be downloaded here:

Crocheted Flower Hair Bobble

Crocheted Flower with Pointed Petals

Crocheted Flower with Lacy Petals pdf

Crocheted Flower with Contrasting Centre

Crocheted Leaf.

Also the pdf for the pink lace flower can be downloaded here: Pink Crocheted Lace Flower

crocheted flower garlandHow to Crochet a Flower Garland

1. Make the flowers and leaves. I made 6 of the hair bobble kind, 2 white and 4 purple (the white ones used the same pattern but the yarn was thicker so they turned out larger), 3 with lace petals, 1 purple and 2 yellow, 2 with pointed petals in yellow, 2 with contrasting centres and 1 pink lace flower.

I made 12 leaves.crocheted flower garland

2. To join the flowers together, I made 72 cm of cord. I didn’t plan to make it 72 cm long, I just kept going until it looked long enough and measured it afterwards!crocheted flower garland

Here is how I made the cord:

4 ch, join with ss.

6 dc into ring. Join with ss.

1 ch, then *dc into next stitch* until the cord is long enough! Don’t join each round with a ss, just keep going round in a spiral.crocheted flower garland

Sew round the end of the cord and pull tight. Fasten off and weave in ends.

3. Next, arrange the flowers how you want them. I took a photo at this point to help remember the order.crocheted flower garland

4. Tuck the leaves in behind the flowers and take another photo.crocheted flower garland

5. To attach the flowers and the leaves to the cord, I sewed a button to the middle of each flower, sewing through the leaves and the cord at the same time.crocheted flower garland

I didn’t add any ties to my crocheted flower garland but if you wanted to you could crochet some ties, or sew on some elastic or ribbon.crocheted flower garlandcrocheted flower garlandcrocheted flower garlandcrocheted flower garlandcrocheted flower garlandI’m participating in some linky parties. To see which ones, the list is here!


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  1. How gorgeous! Sharing! Thanks for sharing at Totally Terrific Tuesday last week! Can’t wait to see what you have been working on this week!

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