A Budget Friendly Cushion Tutorial

A Budget Friendly Cushion Tutorial

An easy and inexpensive way to change things up a bit at home is to change the cushions. It’s possible to change the feel of a room quite a lot by swapping the cushions for ones with different colours and textures, and maybe some different throws too.

Although changing the cushions is cheaper than buying new furniture, if you are on a budget, you might not have that option. Even if you make your own, fabric can be expensive and you’ll probably need more than what you have left over from another project. You could make patchwork cushion covers (more about that another time!), but patchwork anything is time consuming.

This tutorial shows how to make cushion covers quickly, easily and cheaply. My secret is to use tea towels!

Tea towels can be bought very inexpensively from shops like Poundland and you can often find nice ones that co-ordinate. The ones I used came from Sainsbury’s. I’ve included some affiliate links at the bottom for some pretty tea towels I found on Amazon if you don’t feel like leaving the house!

Tea towel cushion covers are about the right size for a 45 cm x 45 cm cushion pad (affiliate link). You could just use the pads from your existing cushions if you didn’t want to buy new ones.easy cheap quick cushion tutorial

There is some sewing involved (this is a blog about sewing after all!), but actually not that much. It’s possible to sew the cushion covers by hand without it taking ages. 

So here is a cushion tutorial showing how to make cushion covers easily, quickly and inexpensively!easiest quickest cheapest cushion tutorial

A Very Easy Budget Friendly Cushion Tutorial

You will need: tea towels (see below for my affiliate links for some pretty ones!), a cushion pad (affiliate link), usual sewing supplies.

1. Take the tea towel you are using for the front of the cushion and cut it into a square. The easiest way to do this is to fold it over so that it makes a triangle and cut the bottom of the tea towel off.easy cheap quick cushion tutorial

2. Take the tea towel you are using for the back of the cushion. Cut it in half.easy cheap quick cushion tutorial

3. With the right sides together, place the top back piece on the front piece so that the tops and the sides are aligned. Use the hemmed edge of the tea towel as the bottom edge of the back piece. That way you won’t need to hem it!easy cheap quick cushion tutorial

4. Take the bottom back piece and lay that over the top, with the bottom and side edges aligned with the bottom and side edges of the front and the hemmed edge at the top.easy cheap quick cushion tutorial

5. Pin in place, then sew all the way around the edge.easy cheap quick cushion tutorial

6. Trim the seams and cut off the corners.easy cheap quick cushion tutorial

7. Turn it out and put the cover on the cushion pad.easy cheap quick cushion tutorialeasy cheap quick cushion tutorialeasy cheap quick cushion tutorialeasy cheap quick cushion tutorial

Here are some affiliate links for nice tea towels.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this tutorial at The Really Crafty Link Party this week! For me personally, it will be very useful because I need to make new pillows for our living room and I’ve been procrastinating…Pinned!

  2. I love this, as a rubbish sewer I could actually manage this. I love the gingham on tea towels but had never thought to use them as the base for a cushion.
    Thank you for sharing a lovely upcycle with me on #Trash2Treasure

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