How to Make a Fabric Diary Cover

Even though I have called this post How to Make a Fabric Diary Cover, you could make one to cover a journal or to pretty up a plain notebook.

I made this fabric for my Moleskine diary. The diary itself is fine, lots of space to write my lists, but it’s not pretty. It’s not hideous, it’s completely inoffensive! It’s just a bit plain.

Having sorted out my fabric hoard the other week, I found scraps of fabric that I’d forgotten about, including these lovelies left over from a project I made for Sewing World.fabric diary cover journal notebook

I didn’t enough of any one sort to make a whole fabric diary cover, so I made a bit of a patchwork instead. The cover is lined and there are pockets to slide the cover into. I originally had plans to do something with elastic but I realised (in time, thankfully!) that pockets would be an easier option.fabric diary cover notebook journal

How to Make a Fabric Diary Cover

1. Even if you are making your fabric diary cover from scraps of fabric, it’s easiest if the lining is one piece. Using your diary as a guide, cut a rectangle from the lining fabric. It will need to cover the diary and overhang the cover by about 1.5 cm all the way round (1 cm is the seam allowance, the rest is just extra).fabric diary cover journal notebookfabric diary cover journal notebook

2. Using the lining as a guide, arrange the pieces for the outer and cut them out. Remember to include a seam allowance!

3. Sew the pieces together. Trim the seams and press them open as you go. Check that the outer is the same size as the lining.fabric diary cover journal notebook

4. To make the pen pocket, cut 2 pieces of fabric about the same width as the spine and long enough for a pen. If you are not using a directional print, you could cut one piece twice as long as you need and fold it in half.fabric diary cover journal notebook

5. With the wrong sides together, sew around the sides and bottom. Trim the seams and turn out.fabric diary cover journal notebook

6. Tuck the raw edges inwards and top stitch. This will be the top of the pocket.fabric diary cover journal notebook

7. Pin the pocket to the outer where the spine will be. Sew around the sides and bottom of the pocket.fabric diary cover journal notebook

8. Cut the pieces for the pockets to slide the cover into. They will need to be the same height as the lining and outer. Each pocket needs to be about half the width of each half of the cover.fabric diary cover journal notebook

9. With the wrong sides together, sew one edge of the pocket to the edge of the outer. Repeat for the other pocket.fabric diary cover journal notebook

10. Sew the other short edge of the pocket pieces to the lining. Trim the seams and press them open.

11. Fold the pocket sections in half. Match the seams where the pockets join the outer and lining and pin.fabric diary cover notebook journal

12. Sew along the top and bottom, leaving a gap at the bottom. Trim the seams and turn out. Pin the opening.

13. Fold the pockets inwards along the seams and pin. Top stitch all the way round.fabric diary cover notebook journal

14. Sew a button onto the front of the fabric diary cover.fabric diary cover notebook journal

15. Using ribbon or a piece of elastic, make a loop and fix it to the back. I couldn’t decide! Ribbon looks nicer but elastic is stretchy. I used them both by stretching the elastic as I sewed the ribbon to it.fabric diary cover notebook journalfabric diary cover notebook journal

You could make a bow or use another button to hide the ends.fabric diary cover notebook journal

I just have to remember to actually use my diary now!fabric diary cover notebook journalfabric diary cover notebook journalfabric diary cover notebook journalfabric diary cover notebook journal

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25 comments on “How to Make a Fabric Diary Cover

  1. so clever and effective, this looks so much prettier than a plain cover and I love the pockets you added too. I wish I had half an idea how to use a sewing machine when I see things like this. Thank you so much for popping over and sharing with me on Trash2Treasure

  2. This is a great idea. I was thinking today I need to recover my diary as it looks boring. I was thinking paper, but this is perfect!! Thanks for sharing at the weekend blog hop, off to pin now 🙂

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